TSA Udderly Confused Over Breast Pump Bottle Policy

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 | by bigshoes | Does the Shoe Fit?

It has been a while since I had a big shoe rant, but now that I’m blogging again, it is so fitting that I found something to udderly annoy me this week. The TSA.

No, I don’t fly, and the tome of horrid stories printed everyday are enough to keep me from ever flying. This one closes yet another chapter on what the TSA shouldn’t police. Breast pumps.

Now I’m certain there are many wrong ways to use a breast pump, but I’m also certain a lactating mom is not the one to misuse it. Unfortunately, an employed TSA worker inadvertently, if I give him or her the benefit of the doubt, found a way to misuse TSA’s policy on breastfeeding.

I really feel for this mom and what she had to go to. It is cosmically regrettable that this TSA worker didn’t have the fortune to end up with a breastfeeding proponent to set the record straight in no uncertain terms and even go to jail over it. I’m really not the sue-happy person, but in my mind the TSA was more than negligent here, they were criminally negligent. Where does someone get off telling a woman to pump breast-milk on demand? Was it opposite day or something in their neck of the woods because usually people are falling all over themselves trying to prevent moms from feeding their babies in public the way nature intended. I’d really want to see some compensation for this woman, or maybe some jail time is in order for the TSA worker for requesting something so inappropriate.

Ref: http://todaytravel.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/05/10582817-tsa-apologizes-to-humiliated-mom-for-breast-pump-gaffe?chromedomain=overheadbin

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