More Family Valentine Ideas

Posted on Jan 16, 2012 | by bigshoes | Kidthusiasm Parenthusiasm

When Valentine Day approaches you may find that your daughter has to do the usual routine for providing a treat or cards for school. It is a nice gesture but it is always a good idea to consider what little gestures would be meaningful to family members.

Since how you and your spouse treat each other is very important to your daughter being able to build her own healthy relationships in the future you have to consider if you are taking the time to show her what a healthy relationship is. Hopefully she sees dad and mom sharing time, a card or something special, no matter how big or small. Granted we all come from diverse backgrounds and she may be part of a one parent home, it is still possible to teach her the importance of showing love to the special people in her life.

A few days before Valentine’s Day might be a good time to ask her if she would like to make any special plans to shower a friend or family member with a Valentine’s gift. You might be surprised at how conscious she is of someone in need. Perhaps a trip to the craft store to get supplies to make simple Valentine crafts will provide hours of fun and merry making. Foam shapes with adhesive are very handy and affordable for this purpose. A bucket of hearts and some bigger foam pieces will keep the whole family busy.

If you want to provide the warmth of a baked goods to cheer someone’s soul but are short on time maybe some cut and bake cookies from the refrigerated section of the store with any of the special quick decorating supplies in the grocery baking isle will simplify the process. If you have some more time and patience depending on the age of your daughter, baking from scratch is always fun. Decorate brown paper lunch bags with markers or leftover foam pieces from the craft supplies to pass goodies to loved ones, including from her to her mom and dad’s lunch.

Just as she has contributed that something special to someone special in her life, don’t forget to show her how special she is in your life. Instead of the quick breakfast, surprise her with a breakfast treat or if it is easier for you both plan an after school special snack. Perhaps a mini spa of doing your nails together would help a mom and daughter both feel special at the same time. She will feel as if she contributed to your well being before your date if you are the lucky parent who gets to go out.

Last, as in the Thanksgiving tradition of sharing what you are all thankful for in your family, on Valentine’s Day allow each family member to share something special about another family member and tell each other why you love that person and why they are special to you. There’s always enough time for love and sharing and Valentines.

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