Deciding to Become a Work At Home Mom

Posted on Aug 6, 2011 | by bigshoes | SAHM WAHM Working Life

This mom thing is busy. I know I’m preaching to the choir. However busy and rewarding it may be, it doesn’t pay the bills, and sometimes we have bills to pay. Unfortunately our enthusiasm is lost when we consider going back to work. In today’s economy, considerations to return to work usually mean full time not part time work as part time pay doesn’t make it worth the time and effort after child care is paid for.

Initially I didn’t have a dilemma. I was presented with an opportunity to do some work for a previous employer and was able to telecommute. I found it rewarding to do something new and be able to do it from home. It added to my skill set, and I was left with the feeling that working from home could be a consideration for me. I knew it would allow me to stay at home until my children started school.

I immediately became a job hunter for work at home opportunities. I did my due diligence on the internet finding the popular work at home communities and job boards that would be my daily nourishment of telecommuting jobs research. For me, time was on my side. I considered this really before it was a need in my family for me to return back to work. The two children I had at home were young enough to have nap schedules and routines that I could work around. It doesn’t get much better than that. It was the perfect time to explore, learn and decide what would work for me and what would I really like to do from home.

Of course it is obvious writing was one of my first choices, even though I didn’t see it at first. My oldest daughter had a school assignment to interview me about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to write and she thought that was really cool. Although I had a wealth of technical and administrative skills to serve me well in applying for jobs, I added freelance writing to my job search and my opportunities doubled in no time. It was actually a writing job that landed me my best work at home administrative position ever.

Did I decide to become a work at home mom? I’m not certain I can say it was an immediate yes. I think it came to me by accident and then grew on me over time. I can definitely say after having a taste of it, I will try my best to hold onto any opportunity that allows me to be at home and work at home more than a traditional nine to five job allows me to do. I highly recommend it to anyone finding themselves at home considering work right now.

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