Deciding to Become a Stay At Home Mom

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 | by bigshoes | SAHM

Moms go through stages, just like the children they nurture.

If you are a working mom, you may be struggling with the thoughts about if it is time to take a break from work and stay at home. If you’re a new mom and made it through that struggle, but find yourself getting ready to go back to work with regret, well then you still have some work cut out for you. No two women are alike as much as no two children are alike. Your career choices are as important to you as are your choices made for cloth or disposable diapers, or choosing formula over breast feeding. They are important, they are personal and they are yours. And believe it or not, there are no wrong answers.

From experience, I faced those struggles, the first baby I went back to work. I had a new house, a new baby and a promotion that had preceded all that. It didn’t help that the baby came very early, but the new house, our first house, trumped all that. We had a mortgage, I was a first time mom, and I was certain going back to work would be the right thing. I would be self-sufficient if anything happened, I would contribute to our family, and I would cry to the director of HR when she inquired about the day I was likely to be back to work. I got the impression she heard a lot of crying moms over the years.

I never regretted my decision. It worked and we managed with the struggles of both of us working. I enjoyed my job but later bettered myself in a new position elsewhere. I added to my experience in leaps and bounds and although very happy at work, I found myself in the predicament of being expecting with the fear of a new family member who we didn’t want to come as early as the first. I faced the same questions I struggled with the first time around and low and behold, the answer was different. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom.

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